Intel SL5D3 Xeon 900MHz CPU, P/N: 80526KY9002M

Intel SL5D3 Xeon 900MHz CPU, P/N: 80526KY9002M - Click to enlarge
Intel SL5D3 Xeon 900MHz CPU, P/N: 80526KY9002M - Click to enlarge
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P/N: SL5D3
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Description : Intel Pentium III Xeon Slot 2 900MHz CPU

This Intel Pentium-3 Slot-2 Xeon processor is designed for mid-range and higher server and workstations. It includes an integrated passive heatsink to assist the integrator in proper thermal management of the processor.

  • 900 MHz Processor Core Speed
  • 100 MHz system bus
  • 2 MB full speed L2 cache
  • Supports Multi-processing
  • 2.8/3.3V Input Voltage
  • Slot 2 CPU
  • Streaming SIMD Extensions
  • Attached Passive Heat Sink
  • Extended Server Memory Architecture
  • S-Spec: SL5D3

    Retail Box Includes:
  • Pentium III Xeon 900 MHz CPU
  • Attached Heat Sink

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