FSP Sparkle 400W Silent LED Fan Power Supply & Dual 80mm Fans

FSP Sparkle 400W Silent LED Fan Power Supply & Dual 80mm Fans - Click to enlarge
FSP Sparkle 400W Silent LED Fan Power Supply & Dual 80mm Fans - Click to enlarge
SKU: 21022
P/N: 9PA4000704
Condition: New, Retail Box
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FSP Group (Fortron Source) CK400 ATX12V 400W Power Supply with auto sensing voltage 115/230V CE, UL, CSA, TUV, Nemko, EMC, FCC, C-tick, BSMI - Retail

  • P/N: 9PA4000704
  • Dimension : 140 x 150 x 86 mm
  • Application : For PC
  • Watt : 400W
  • Input Voltage : 115-230V Auto Sensing switch
  • PFC : Passive

    Make your PC quiet and cool!
  • Unique cooling solution, geared toward gamers.
  • Near silent 12cm exhaust fan, makes good air flow
  • 400W power supply + dual system fans, excellent thermal design
  • Twin colors, spray painted
  • Excellent device with three color LED lights
  • High quality assurance from the international brand

    Cooling Kit
  • Cooling Power Supply 400W X 1
  • Cooling System Fan X 2

  • Cooling Power Supply
  • Intel ATX 12V compatible
  • Supports Intel P4 up to 3.06GHz and all AMD Athlon XP CPUs
  • Complete output protection
  • Near silent 12cm exhaust fan
  • Variable thermal sensing fan with manual and automatic control on fan speed
  • Smart housing for peripheral power connectors, easy attachment and detachment from drives
  • Meets international safety standards

  • Connectors
  • Main 20-Pin Power Connector x 1
  • +12V Power Connector x 1
  • Auxiliary 6-Pin Power Connector x 1
  • Peripheral Power Connector x 6 + x 1
  • Serial ATA 15-Pin Power Connector x 1

    Cooling System Fan
  • With thermal sensor to control fan speed
  • Rifle bearing
  • 80 x 80 x 25 mm

    Output Voltage Min. load Max. load Load Reg. Ripple & Noise
    +5Vsb0.0A2.0A+-5%100mV P-P
    -5V0.0A0.5A+-5%100mV P-P
    -12V0.0A0.3A+-5%120mV P-P
    +12V0.3A16A+-5%120mV P-P
    +5V1.0A30A+-5%50mV P-P
    +3.3V0.3A28A+-5%50mV P-P
    +3.3V &+5V total output not exceeding 235W
    +3.3V & +5V & +12V total output not exceeding 380W

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